Moorage Rates for Inner Boat Basin

See Marina Basin Map for Dock Layout

Commercial Vessel Rates


Dock,Slip Length,Annual,Semi-Annual, Quarterly,Monthly,Daily








Recreational Vessel Rates


Vessel Length,Daily,Weekly,Monthly,Annual

20’and below,$8,$48,$144,$432

21′ to 25′,$9,$54,$162,$486

26′ to 30′,$10,$60,$180,$540

31′ to 33′,$11,$66,$198,$594

33′ to 44′,$12,$72,$216,$648


    • All totals are rounded to the nearest dollar.
    • Fees are calculated based upon the length of the slip or the overall length of the vessel, whichever is greater.
    • Vessels of an overall length greater than 10% over the slip length must have authorization from the CEO/Harbormaster before tying in the slip.
    • Additional Liveaboard Fees: $300.00 per month for up to two individuals. Each additional individual is $75 per month. Liveaboards will also have their electricity metered and will be charged for their actual use.
    • A credit inquiry and non-refundable application processing fee may be required in advance from any and all individuals or businesses who request to lease Harbor space.


Boat Slip Rental Policies

    • A slip will not be rented to any individual with an outstanding delinquent account.
    • All slip rentals are subject to availability.
    • Any vessel for which there is no current berthing permit and rental agreement on file will be subject to daily rates.
    • In order to encourage prompt check-in, any moorage due that is older than one month at the time a new berthing permit is signed will not be switched to the new permit. It will remain the responsibility of the vessel owner at the daily rate.
    • In order to rent a slip, the applicant must first present for inspection and copying either the official documentation or state registration for their vessel. The documentation or registration must be current.
    • If the vessel is newly purchased, the applicant must first present for inspection and copying the bill of sale for the vessel. In addition, the new documentation or registration must be presented within 60 days of the initial signing of the berthing permit and rental agreement within 60 days of initial application or the agreement will be terminated.
    • All legal owners of the vessel, as listed on the documentation or registration, must sign the berthing permit and rental agreement within 60 days of initial application or the agreement will be terminated.



Transient Billing Fee

All outlay, costs, fees and expenses which the district may incur in collecting the transient billing. These costs shall include, but are not limited to: personnel, attorney’s fees, court, services of process, investigator, and other costs. ($10.00 minimum fee)

Interest on Accounts Due

1.5% interest per month. If interest is not timely paid, the amount of interest unpaid will bear interest at 1.5% per month. The unpaid interest, so compounded, with not exceed an amount equal to simple interest on the unpaid principal at the maximum rate permitted by law. Each payment will be credited first to the interest then due. The remainder of each payment will then be credited to the outstanding principal and interest will cease to accrue against any amounts so credited.

Late Fee

If any payment shall not be made on its due date, a late charge of $25.00 shall be charged by the district for the purpose of defraying the expenses incident to handling such delinquent payments. Proof of actual damages would be costly or inconvenient. Such late charge shall be paid without prejudice to the district’s right to collect any other amount provided to be paid or to declare a default caused by virtue of the untimely payment or from exercising any of the district’s other rights or remedies.>