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Administrative / Office Service Fees


$0.50 per page                

Paper Copies of Public Documents
$0.50 per page

Electronic Media Copies of Public Documents
Actual cost of duplication

Meeting agendas: email, fax or pick-up
No charge

Meeting Agendas: First Class Mail
Must provide stamped, self-addressed envelopes

Sending and receiving faxes
$1.00 per page     

Boat Insurance
Boat insurance is required by the harbor. If you do not have insurance a $180.00 per month fee will be add to your account until we receive your insurance policy. 

 Electric Meter Reading
$30 per month (waived  if enrolled in auto-pay or pre-pay)

Key Card Charge
Up to $20.00 per card                      

Electronic key fob  
Up to $42.00                                

Annual Parking Permit-Commercial Fishing Persons
$90.00 per year (2 permits included with annual slip rent)

Annual Parking Permit-Recreational Fishing Persons
$120.00 per year (1 permit included with annual slip rent)

Parking Permit: Semi- with trailer
$25.00 per  year

Parking Permit: Visitor Parking RV Park
$5.00 per Day

Returned check
$30.00 for first instance / $60.00 for each subsequent check           

No charge, available to current marina tenants only

$3.00 per load    

$1.50 for 40 minutes                 

$1.00 per box

Paper Billing 
$12.00 per mailed statement / $10 pick-up

$600.00 deposit, subject to change depending on the extent of CEQA review

Clerical Processing Fee for all those proposing to do business with the District
$90.00 per hour

Clerical and Legal Processing Fee for those proposing to enter or modify a lease with the District
$900.00 fee and payment of all additional sums associated with the transaction within ten days of notice

Clerical and Legal Processing Fee (Revocations)
$425.00 fee and payment of all additional sums associated with the transaction within ten days of notice

Interest on accounts due
1.5% interest per month. If interest is not timely paid the amount of interest unpaid will bear interest at 1.5% per month. The unpaid interest, so compounded, will not exceed an amount equal to simple interest on the unpaid principal at the maximum rate permitted by law. Each payment will … …be credited first to the interest then due. The remainder of each payment will then be credited to the outstanding principal, and interest will cease to accrue against any amounts so credited.     

Late Fee
If any payment shall not be made on its due date, a late charge of $30.00 shall be charged by the District for the purpose of defraying the expenses incident to handling such delinquent payments.
Proof of actual damages would be costly or inconvenient. Such late charge shall be paid without prejudice to the District's right to collect any other amount provided to be paid or to declare a default caused by virtue of the untimely payment or from exercising any of the District's other rights or remedies.