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Financial Reports

2022 Financial Reform Plan of Action and Milestones

The Crescent City Harbor District is undertaking a comprehensive program of financial reform to make measurable improvements in the following areas: transparency, stewardship, aged receivables/bad debt, financial reporting, software conversion, revenue and expense recognition, recordkeeping, reconciliations, asset management, segregation of duties, oversight and accountability. 

The public is invited to monitor progress by referring to the status report linked below, which will be continually updated.

2022 Financial Reform Plan of Action and Milestones (updated 08.23.2022).pdf


Most Recent Independent Financial Auditor's Reports 

Final Audit Report 2024.01.03.pdfFinal Audit Report 2021.06.30 -part 3 -Corrective Actions.pdfFinal Audit Report 2021.06.30 -part 2.pdfFinal Audit Report 2021.06.30 -part 1.pdfFinal Audit Report 2020.06.30.pdfFinal Audit Report 2019.06.30.pdfFinal Audit Report 2018.06.30.pdfFinal Audit Report 2017.06.30.pdf


State Controller’s Compensation Database