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Gerhard Weber, Commissioner

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I am a retired educator. For twenty-one years I taught classes on Entrepreneurship, Accounting, AP Science (Computer Programming), Intro to Computers. Digital Graphics and Soccer (Girls). My well rounded educational experience was completed by my Masters Degree in School Administration. As an immigrant and naturalized citizen of the United States of America, I am deeply in love with my adopted country. What I am today and what I own in worldly belongings, are the result of America’s generosity and opportunity. I strongly feel that whatever I do to serve my fellow citizens, I could never repay my debt to this country. So in this spirit, I am representing you in the function of a Harbor Commissioner. My strongest concerns for our harbor are its financial health, its transparency and its overall mission. A mission centered around commercial fishing and recreational boating, because without those two, all you would need is a beach. So in order to serve the community and its mandate by having a harbor in the first place, any activity the harbor engages in, must in some way support its main reason of existence.