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Maintenance and Crew Services

Personnel / Labor
$180.00 per hour between 0700 and 1530   (1 hour minimum)
$300.00 per hour between  1530 and 0700  (1 hour minimum)                        

$120.00 per hour /half hour minimum -includes operator

$180.00 per hour-/half hour minimum –equipment only  

Mobile Crane
$240.00 per hour  / half hour minimum – equipment only                                      

Port small boat
$150.00 per hour / half hour minimum –equipment only 

Port Landing craft
$225.00 per hour –/half hour minimum – equipment only

Lay days in Self-Help area
$2.00 per foot per day
$20.00 per day minimum charge

Boat Stands at harbor
$12.00 per stand per month     

Boat stand offsite rental
$10.00 per day with a $125.00 per stand refundable deposit

Work Dock
$40.00 per day in addition to other moorage charges as appropriate. Tenants allowed 3 free days per year

Boat pump out by District Staff
$200.00 , includes 2 district staff    

Public Hoist
$40.00 per hour – half hour minimum    

Boat pump rental- restricted to CCHD tenants
$24.00 per day for electric pump
$60.00 per day for gasoline pump
Plus personnel charge

Sewage pump out fee
No charge  

Waste Oil/ Bilge Water disposal
$2.25 per gallon plus labor charge    

Oil  absorbing pads
$3.00 per pad